Time to Pay IT Forward…#TheKrewe Style!

You may hear me reference cryptic stuff or make vague statements about “the next phase” of The Krewe. Well, this is it. Paying it Forward! That is The Krewe version 3.0 in my eyes. Parties are great, Networking is awesome, but nothing beats helping out those who are not as fortunate as we are. Now here’s your opportunity to give back to the community we will be making home for a week.

Thanks to GeekGive and Microsoft TechEd, there are a number of events you can help out at. Check out Brandy’s blog post for more information.

So how does The Krewe fit into this? Well, if you are in Orlando on Saturday before 5pm AND consider yourself part of The Krewe, I expect to see you at the serving meals event for the Coalition for the Homeless. Just register here and we’ll get more details out later. As for the remaining events, I am going to be working with Brandy to coordinate times for the group to participate in assembling care packages and painting some murals.  All information on these two opportunities will be communicated via @TheKrewe and our Facebook page.  The other event is working with Habitat for Humanity and is an all day event on Saturday.  If you get in on Friday, this might be something to consider it

Please consider carving out some time in your TechEd schedule for these events.

Thanks in Advance!



2 thoughts on “Time to Pay IT Forward…#TheKrewe Style!

  1. I am happy to help with assembling the care packages as we wont get into town until Sunday and I am already signed up for the Ineta function about users groups Sunday afternoon. Thanks for advertising the events that we can help support.

  2. I am happy to help out with assembling the care packages. We wont arrive in time to help with the events on Sat and Sun. (arriving midday Sunday) and Sunday afternoon we are signed up for the Ineta function on users groups. Thanks for sharing the details of these opportunites to help others.

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